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2013 china's boiler industry to the development of "spring"
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 the boiler industry is still in the the depth adjustment period, many companies value the boiler in the heating market prospects, this "cake" by many companies segmentation, vaillant, squirrels and other leading enterprises of the industry plus large capital investment and r & d efforts made tremendous progress.
         troubled by the economic situation at home and abroad, the real estate market, raw material price fluctuations and other factors, the boiler industry is still optimistic forward stride into the "spring". despite the difficult market conditions, but we see positive factors boosting the role can not be ignored, three major trends show a rapid increase of china's boiler industry trend

         protection of housing to drive the boiler industry rebound

       since the second half of 2012, the boiler industry sales growth to pick up pick up signs of the real estate industry, in particular the protection of housing construction accelerated, boosting the demand for boiler products, and profit growth mainly due to raw materials the procurement costs year-on-year has decreased to some extent. 2013 appliance industry sales revenue warming trend is still expected to continue, which is mainly based on our optimistic expectations of affordable housing projects. it is estimated that in 2013 the protection of housing will be built about 800 million units, built more than 300 million units in 2012, china's real estate sales cycle of about 10 million units per year, even though in 2013 china's real estate sales cycle decreased by 30%, that of affordable housing you can also make up for these losses.

        at the same time, the boiler products have been selected for the list of state subsidies for energy, which also marked the boiler technology will be further promotion. in beijing, for example, according to the plan, by 2016, beijing will have 3,000 square meters of residential buildings and 30 million square meters of public buildings for energy saving, can save about 60.6 million tons of standard coal. it is understood that beijing will save 569,400 tons of standard coal by renewable energy applications, which will have 1,800 square meters of civil construction to take shallow geothermal or water source heat pump heating, cooling, and saving 14 million tons of standard. according to the analysis, planning, building energy efficiency requirements clear and specific, will play a positive exemplary and leading role in driving the implementation of the other provinces and cities of the northern building energy efficiency policy

         favorable policies to boost boiler companies sailing voyage

       2013 as china's "twelfth five year plan", highlighted the role of policy in the "12th five-year plan" implementation, the boiler industry in china ushered in rapid development, the growing strength of the scale, 2013 policies favorable policies will be apparent, user-friendly design, the application of new energy and intelligent also expanding.

        with the continuous introduction of energy subsidies and clear policy for the first time to the benefit of the boiler market, making the boiler see new opportunities for enterprises in 2013. the various boiler companies want virtue of this energy subsidies dongfeng, and actively adjust the industrial structure and re-layout market. since the fourth quarter of 2012, after the boiler industry status quo strong development.

the introduction of energy-saving subsidies for boiler enterprises is a shot in the arm. the boiler enterprises face increasingly calm subsidies, combined with energy-saving subsidies to promote its product range, conditions and adjustment factors boosting the role of boiler companies hope to subsidies play the role of "blood transfusion" to the maximum.

         macro-control boiler industry to undertake new hot spot in transition

      "eleventh five-year" since the central government to the implementation of the western development strategy to promote the rise of the central region; 2012, southern heating hot again. in macro strategy under the guidance of our country is trying to regionally balanced economic and social development "short board" filled, given the relatively backward regions greater policy space. with the development of industrial and commercial facilities and improved quality of life, the boiler products with growing demand, the the demand scope and hierarchy of needs also presents complex and diversified development trend. midwest and southern regions of basic industries and real estate will usher in growth, the boiler as infrastructure equipment, their needs also will be expanded.

     midwest and southern regions of the boiler market high-speed growth, the overall capacity of the market, competition is relatively weak, higher interest rates, boiler market showing huge consumption potential, attracting many boiler enterprises to accelerate the midwest and southern regions of the strategic shift upgrade . while the boiler enterprises in the economically developed areas of market input-output ratio declining, roots in the midwest and southern market has become an important means to improve profitability.

      in 2013, under the regulation of real estate property market competition is more intense, to become more competitive with high quality to become one of the ways of the developers, by the developers as a whole package by way of home heating and cooling, will undoubtedly help to reduce costs, accelerate wall the furnace product market expansion.

    the rapid development of china's urban construction and real estate continues to heat up, the continuous improvement of the standard of living, the real estate business also seize the opportunity to make a big fuss on the "buy" the introduction of the new residential adapt to different levels of consumption, large area, high quality boutique rooms were introduced, the boiler in china's rapid development.

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