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2013 new year party company
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evening of 2 february 2013, the guangdong yuxiang electric co. held a grand "into the spring" 2013 new year party. this evening feast by a group of employees performances of two parts. at the party, the general manager chen delivered a warm speech, summed up the past year, the results obtained by the company, for all employees for their hard work and dedication affirmed and praised the future, and sent a good new year's wishes, to allow employees to passion.

         the evening program brilliant, passionate atmosphere warm and bright youthful, strong corporate culture, vividly demonstrating yuxiang electrical ground style, fully reflects the company employees youth passionate, enterprising spirit. the entire show with a variety of exciting programs draw climax scene, showing a magnificent gala event.

         the evening's all programs are choreographed by our employees, despite grueling work before the holiday, but the staff is still actively participate in various departments, the use of spare time rehearsals, wonderful performances show people yuxiang electric versatile, positive the good spirit.

         new starting point, a new voyage, 2013 yuxiang electric will redouble their efforts to create new glories.

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